Kreative Ladka Unveils Newest Venture: Introducing Maid Cafe as their Latest Project

cooking event by Anime Times India
cooking event by Anime Times India

Renowned YouTuber Kreative Ladka, along with four other prominent content creators, Rchitroo, SR Pay, Not Your Type (in his first public appearance), and Desk Show, have teamed up for an exciting new project. In this upcoming venture, they will be donning maid dresses and showcasing their culinary skills in a unique cooking show. The event will be streamed live on April 19th at 3pm.

cooking event by Anime Times India

Taking inspiration from maid cafes and maid-themed anime, this innovative concept promises to deliver a thrilling experience for fans and viewers alike. The YouTubers will face challenges, dares, and much more as they whip up delicious dishes in their maid attire. Adding to the excitement, special guests will be present to taste and judge the food prepared by the YouTubers.

With the anticipation building up, fans are eagerly awaiting this one-of-a-kind cooking show event. The collaboration of these renowned YouTubers and their creative approach is expected to create a buzz among their followers and fans of culinary content. Don’t miss the live stream on April 19th to witness this exciting project come to life!

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