Japanese Animation Television Rankings for April 17-23 Published

Household Rating
Sazae-sanFuji TVApril 23 (Sun)18:3030 min.8.0
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village ArcFuji TVApril 23 (Sun)23:1530 min.6.4
Detective ConanNTVApril 22 (Sat)18:0030 min.6.3
Chibi Maruko-chanFuji TVApril 23 (Sun)18:0030 min.5.5
MIX Season 2NTVApril 22 (Sat)17:3030 min.3.7
One PieceFuji TVApril 23 (Sun)09:3030 min.3.4
DoraemonTV AsahiApril 22 (Sat)17:0030 min.3.1
Soaring Sky! Pretty CureTV AsahiApril 23 (Sun)08:3030 min.3.0
Animated O-saru no George (Curious George)NHK-EApril 22 (Sat)08:3525 min.2.1
Oshiri TanteiNHK-EApril 22 (Sat)9:0020 min.2.0

The above-mentioned television ratings are approximations of the percentage of the population that viewed a particular program, utilizing data gathered from a survey conducted on households situated in the Kanto region of Japan. It is crucial to note that the ratings do not take into account recordings that viewers watch at a later time.

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