Exemplary Anime and Manga Crafted by Non-Japanese Visionaries


Dr. Stone (South Korea)

Among the notable entries on the list, Dr. Stone stands out as a surprising inclusion. The immensely popular series follows the adventures of a young prodigy named Senku as he endeavors to resurrect humanity after an inexplicable phenomenon leaves it petrified for centuries. While the manga’s author is Riichiro Inagaki, the series’ artist is Boichi, who operates under the pseudonym Mujik Park. Boichi, who is of South Korean origin, had previously created one-shot manhwa (Korean manga) before his work on Dr. Stone.

dr stone

Despite being different from typical action shonen series, Dr. Stone has resonated with audiences worldwide, with its anime adaptation garnering widespread acclaim. The series’ unique premise and blend of science and adventure have contributed to its immense popularity, catapulting it to the forefront of the anime and manga industry.

Castlevania (United States)

The Castlevania anime, inspired by the Japanese video game franchise, revolves around the storyline of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. It follows vampire hunter Trevor Belmont, alongside Sypha Belnades and Alucard, as they protect Wallachia from the wrath of Count Dracula. The adaptation, featuring renowned voice talent and helmed by writer Warren Ellis, was animated by Powerhouse Animation Studios Inc., based in Austin, Texas.

Radiant (France)

Radiant, a captivating series with protagonist Seth reminiscent of Naruto and Luffy, initially emerged as a French Manfra—an art form imitating the style of manga and anime. Set in a world plagued by monsters descending from the sky, the story revolves around Seth, a young boy navigating a society that rejects those who survive the monsters’ onslaught yet acquire extraordinary abilities. Motivated by a quest to locate the Radiant, the source of these creatures, Seth endeavors to vanquish them and restore harmony to his world.

Cannon Busters (United States)

The origin of Cannon Busters lies in an American comic book series created by LeSean Thomas and published by Udon. Udon, recognized for producing comics for popular Capcom video game franchises like Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, incorporates manga-inspired art styles into their publications. As the series gained traction, it transitioned into an animated project, which materialized in 2019. British company Manga Entertainment undertook its distribution, while the animation was skillfully executed by two renowned Japanese studios, Satelight and Yumeta Company. Takahiro Natori assumed the directorial role, ensuring that the project was officially classified as an anime, encompassing a comprehensive collaboration across various facets of production.

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