Kyoto Animation’s Tamako Market Anime Return to Theatres in Commemoration of its 10th Anniversary


Earlier this year, Kyoto Animation announced its highly anticipated 10th-anniversary project for the beloved Tamako Market anime series, a cherished franchise wholly-owned by the renowned studio. Today, an official confirmation reveals that the initial project will feature an exclusive weeklong theatrical screening of the series, including the Tamako Love Story anime film, to be showcased in four prestigious theaters across Japan.

The captivating screening week is set to commence on June 2, captivating audiences at esteemed venues such as Shinjuku Piccadilly, MOVIX Saitama, Namba Parks Cinema in Osaka, and Midland Square Cinema in Nagoya. The first six episodes of the TV anime series will grace the screens on the opening day, followed by the subsequent episodes on the next day, culminating with the presentation of Tamako Love Story on the subsequent day. This sequence will be repeated for the ensuing three days, with the final day dedicated to the exclusive screening of the film.

An extraordinary highlight awaits attendees on June 4 at Shinjuku Piccadilly, as a captivating cast talk featuring esteemed talents Aya Suzaki (Tamako), Takumi Yamazaki (Dera), and Atsushi Tamaru (Mochizo) will take place during the Tamako Love Story screening. To secure tickets for this memorable event, interested individuals may participate in a lottery starting from today.

The Tamako Market TV anime originally aired from January 10, 2013, to March 28, 2013, capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide. It subsequently birthed the critically acclaimed Tamako Love Story anime film in 2014, both impeccably directed by the visionary Naoko Yamada at Kyoto Animation. Notably, the series and film have been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks, a testament to their enduring popularity. Sentai Filmworks aptly describes the series as follows:

“Tamako is an ordinary young girl hailing from a long line of mochi makers. As her birthday approaches, an unexpected encounter with a talking bird claiming to be a royal court attendant in search of a bride for his master forever alters her life. Embracing the whimsical presence of Dera the bird, Tamako finds herself immersed in a charming neighborhood and the extraordinary experiences it unfolds.”

Fans and enthusiasts of Tamako Market eagerly anticipate this momentous theatrical celebration, which promises to revive cherished memories and rekindle the magic that made the series and film such beloved creations in the world of anime.

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