Beyond Gender Norms: HareVare Group Opens Auditions for Gender Neutral VTubers

Brave group Audition by Anime Times India
Brave group Audition by Anime Times India

IT service company Brave Group, known for managing popular Virtual YouTuber groups Vspo! and Palette Project, has announced auditions for a new VTuber group called HareVare. In a departure from its previous projects, HareVare aims to be more diverse by featuring both female- and male-presenting talent. The group is set to debut in June.

Brave group by Animation Vibes

Brave Group is also revamping its audition process, allowing anyone to audition regardless of prior VTubing or performance-related experience. Applicants can audition for the Brave Group umbrella, and the company will determine which brand best suits each individual. Those applying for a specific group will undergo the same general audition process. Auditions are open for Vspo!, RIOT MUSIC, Palette Project, MUGEN LIVE, HareVare, and potential future projects.

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Commit to at least one year of VTuber activities.
  • Focus on activities in line with their assigned projects.
  • Consent to exclusive contracts, meaning independent activities or collaborations with other companies will be contractually forbidden.

Note that the audition form and instructions are in Japanese.

HareVare group will be managed under Brave Group’s newly established subsidiary, ENILIS, which will also handle the revamped audition process. Participants of the HareVare group may have the opportunity to re-debut under one of Brave Group’s established projects or a brand new group. The HareVare group specializes in “charismatic conversationalists.”

In addition, Brave Group announced that its RIOT MUSIC Virtual Music Agency will hold its annual Re:Volt concert on April 15 at LINE Cube Shibuya in Tokyo, with in-person and online options. In-person event tickets cost 1,000 yen (about US$7), while the livestream is free. A free preview night will also be held on April 14.

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