Possible English Release: CLAMP’s Picture Book on Yuzuru Hanyu by Kodansha!

Clams picture book by Anime Times India
Clams picture book by Anime Times India

Publisher Kodansha recently announced on its English Twitter account that it is considering releasing an English version of CLAMP’s tie-in picture book featuring professional figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu. The 64-page book, titled “Gift,” is set to be released in Japan on September 1. Hanyu, known for his solo ice shows, expressed his desire to tell his stories not only through skating but also through picture books. He approached CLAMP to illustrate the book, and they accepted the offer.

Hanyu shared, “This time, I have created the story of ‘Gift’ by envisioning many different things. In my imagination, there is also a picture book story called ‘Gift,’ and I wanted CLAMP to bring it to life.” CLAMP also commented, saying, “We were really surprised when we received this consultation. We want to help deliver another ‘Gift’ conceived by Mr. Hanyu to everyone through this picture book, which is different from the unprecedented ‘Gift’ performance.

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