Rediscovered Treasure: The Lost ’90s American Animated Saint Seiya Pilot Episode!

Saint Seiya Pilot by Anime Times India
Saint Seiya Pilot by Anime Times India

Renowned lost media documentary YouTuber, Ray Mona, has made an exciting discovery by sharing the complete pilot episode of an American animated adaptation of Saint Seiya, titled Guardians of the Cosmos. This proposed cartoon was conceptualized and later abandoned during the 1990s.

Ray Mona obtained the footage from the esteemed Library of Congress, after receiving permission from former Bandai America president, Frank Ward. The request was initially for documents related to the American live-action Sailor Moon TV show, which is colloquially known online as Saban Moon due to its association with Power Rangers producer, Haim Saban. Surprisingly, the Guardians of the Cosmos footage was bundled together with the Sailor Moon documents.

The documentary, which was originally intended to focus on Ray Mona’s search for the entire pilot of StarStorm, an American live-action adaptation of Saint Seiya, took a turn after uncovering the Guardians of the Cosmos footage. Ray Mona shifted her focus to contextualizing the pilot episode, speculating that StarStorm may have incorporated elements from Guardians of the Cosmos for a potential hybrid live-action/animated show, similar to Saban Moon. She also hinted at a third part of the documentary that would delve into her interactions with Frank Ward.

In August of last year, Ray Mona previously unveiled the full pilot of Saban Moon, adding to her reputation as a leading figure in the exploration of lost media. The recent discovery of the Guardians of the Cosmos pilot episode has generated significant buzz among fans of Saint Seiya and those interested in animation history.

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