Decoding the Doglapan: Understanding the Poke X Talks & KTZH TV Controversy

Controversy by Anime Times India
Controversy by Anime Times India

The Beginning of Controversy

On March 25, 2023, Ktzh TV released a video titled “Found a Real Doreamon? Biggest Mystery Video”. On April 8, 2023, Poke X Talks released a video titled “Doreamon Buried At Sea Copied By KtzhTV,” wherein allegations were made against Ktzh TV for alleged plagiarism of Poke X Talks’ content. In the video, Poke X Talks claimed that all the content presented was originally his idea and had been copied by Ktzh TV. Following the video release, Poke X Talks reached out to Ktzh TV and requested proper credit for the alleged copied content.

Video release by Poke x Talks

Reply from Ktzh TV

On April 14, 2023, Ktzh TV issued a statement denying all the allegations levied against them by Poke x talks. Ktzh TV further supported their denial by releasing a video addressing the claims made by Poke x talks about Doreamon. In the video, Ktzh TV clarified that the content in question was sourced from various websites and not copied from any individual or entity, including the “DarkXo” YouTube channel as alleged by Poke x talks. Additionally, Ktzh TV mentioned that Poke x talks is a college student currently occupied with exams, which may have affected their ability to respond to messages on Instagram.

Video Release by Ktzh TV

The Reply from Poke x Talks to Ktzh TV

On April 15, 2023, Poke x Talks addressed the recent video released by Ktzh TV, stating that the content mentioned by Ktzh TV in their video was not found on the website that Ktzh TV claimed to have used as a source. Poke x Talks also alleged that Ktzh TV used their content solely for the purpose of gaining views, and questioned why Ktzh TV would make a video about Doreamon if the news was indeed fake. Poke x Talks further criticized Ktzh TV, stating “teri tarah chori or seena jori mera kaam nahi hai” (I do not engage in plagiarism and deceit like you), and accused Ktzh TV of copying content from smaller YouTubers.

Video Release by Poke x Talks


The ongoing controversy between the creators, Ktzh TV and Poke x Talks, should be resolved through mutual communication, as it is not conducive to the anime community for creators to engage in conflicts that negatively impact the community as a whole. In terms of the specific issue at hand, it is common for creators to use factual and theoretical information available on the internet to create content for their channels. Therefore, it does not necessarily imply copying if one video shares information that may have been previously uploaded on YouTube or shared among friends or audiences. In our opinion, Ktzh TV should be considered innocent until proven otherwise, and Poke x Talks should refrain from further engaging in conflict with them. We will continue to update on the status of the controversy as it unfolds.

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