Recovering the Anime Spirit Channel: The Complete Story of How Ownership Was Regained

Anime Spirit news by Anime Times India
Anime Spirit news by Anime Times India

Renowned YouTuber Anime Spirit experienced a distressing ordeal when their channel received three copyright strikes from “Shinei Animation” on March 27, 2023. Subsequently, Anime Spirit received an email from YouTube notifying them that their channel would be deleted within a week. In a heartfelt video, Anime Spirit shared their fear and emotional distress caused by the copyright strikes, and sought guidance from fellow YouTubers, including SK Dimension, DTS TOONS, Whixer, and Animation Vibes, on how to restore their channel.

With the support of their audience, Anime Spirit was able to connect with Whixer for assistance. However, despite their efforts, their counter notification was rejected by YouTube the following day. Undeterred, Anime Spirit sought help from Animation Vibes. In a recent update, Anime Spirit revealed that “Shinei Animation” appeared to issue copyright strikes randomly, based solely on thumbnails and titles, without reviewing the actual content.

While reviewing comments on their video, Anime Spirit came across a comment from the YouTube channel “oyash show,” which stated that they had also received copyright strikes from the same company. oyash show’s counter notification had been forwarded. This revelation bolstered Anime Spirit’s confidence, and with Whixer’s assistance, Animation Vibes provided proof in an email to support Anime Spirit’s case.

In conclusion, Anime Spirit expressed gratitude to all the YouTubers who helped them navigate this distressing situation, and regained confidence through the support of their fellow creators and their audience.

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