Renowned Anime Director Makoto Shinkai Commends SS Rajamouli’s Cinematic Masterpieces, RRR

makoto shinaki praises RRR
makoto shinaki praises RRR

Renowned anime director Makoto Shinkai recently made a visit to Mumbai where he interacted with the media and shared his views on Indian cinema. Widely regarded as one of the most accomplished anime directors of our time, Shinkai’s work has garnered critical acclaim and a massive following around the world. Notably, his films “Weathering With You” and “Suzume” have achieved worldwide success.

During his visit, Shinkai expressed his admiration for Indian cinema and particularly highlighted the blockbuster hit “RRR” by director SS Rajamouli. Shinkai noted that the film had also garnered significant attention and success in Japan, adding to the director’s growing international appeal.

Shinkai’s visit to Mumbai and his insights on Indian cinema serve as a testament to the power and influence of cinema in bridging cultures and bringing diverse communities together.

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